Sunday, January 26, 2014

Al Adamson

E TRUE HOLLYWOOD STORY-1999-AL ADAMSON-This documentary produced by cable station E! about the life, career and death of the notorius B-movie director Al Adamson. Although it starts off the a statement that Adamson's movies would have faded into posterity if not for his violent death (the fact is the makers of this couldn't have given two shits about the director or his movies if he had died of a heart attack) this does turn into a very good look at Adamson's life (his father was B-movie western star Denver Dixon, his mother was silent screen actress Dolores Booth) and how many of his films were devised on extremely low budgets. There's comments from his brother, his friends, actors Bud Carlos, JC Wells & Marilyn Joi and his "Independent International" partner Sam Sherman. It also details his marriage to Regina Carroll (who co-starred in many of his films) and her untimely death and a palimony suit brought against him by his last girlfriend. It ends with an examination of his murder by hired handyman Fred Fulford who was later arrested and convicted of first degree murder in 1995.

Enjoy an Al Adamson movie tonight and toast his enthusiasm for the genre!

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