Thursday, March 13, 2014

Yes It Is

ABSURD-1981-The makers of ANTHROPOPHAGUS teamed up again for another gore film.

After seemingly coming back from the dead on the operating table a guy named Nikos (George Eastman, with the same first name and basically playing the same role from ANTHROPOPHAGUS) escapes after killing a nurse with a drill through her head. A mysterious priest (Edward Purdom, in PIECES the next year) shows up claiming Nikos is a "creature of evil" and "his body can regenerate dead cells". Nikos kills a butcher with his own electric saw and a biker then after much talking Nikos terrorizes a baby sitter (Annie Belle) and a bed ridden young woman Katia (Katya Berger) and her young brother. A long time is spend with Nikos trying to put the baby sitter inside a kitchen oven! Meanwhile the priest, a hard ass police detective (Charles Borromel) and his dumb assistant search fr the killer.

Katia somehow rises from a sick bed and does battle with the monster (who she blinds before chopping off his head!) in this drawn out craziness from low budget auteur Joe D'Amati. Future director Michele Soavi has a bit role. Listen closely during the operation scene and you can hear the director say "cut" and "action"!

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The Bloody Pit of Horror said...

This was a big ole ripoff of Halloween... yet I still liked it. The ending kind of took me by surprise!